7tech Ltd

IT Consulting & Development


IT Security

Protect your system from cyber attacks and keep your data safe and secured.

Improve Productivity

Guide your expert IT consulting team to reap economies of scale and increase output.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate the need for an IT department to manage technical functions.

Expert Advice

Get IT experts advice for proper decision-making from an industry expert.


We increase software quality with effective testmanagement, agile testing and test automation.


We provide a complete outsourcing solution for software development, testing and project management.


Application Development

We engineer digital solutions of any complexity, combining our multidisciplinary tech expertise with industry experience.

Application Security

We ensure enterprise-grade application security through audit, testing, secure development practices, and training.

Software Engineering

From MVP development to post-release support, we help our customers bring their products to market faster and with no pitfalls on the way.

Enterprise Integration

We integrate enterprise systems to create interconnected ecosystems for seamless enterprise management.

Mobile App

We offer custom mobile app development for robust, scalable, and cross-platform mobile applications.

AI Solutions

Scalable AI solutions that deliver fast results.